About Us


The Aggie Innovators are a group of experienced engineering students working within the Aggie Innovation Space who are available to help guide students through the engineering process. Whether you are working on a capstone, course project, student project for competition, or simply interested in creating something new, the Aggie Innovators are on hand to assist engineering students to develop, design and prototype projects within the Aggie Innovation Space.

Expertise includes 3D printing, computer-aided design, project organization, prototype development,  and programmable development boards such as Galileo, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.The Aggie Innovators also collaborate closely with NMSU Arrowhead Center to assist in transitioning new ideas towards commercialization.

The Aggie Innovators oversee management of the Aggie Innovation Space including recommendations for acquisition of new equipment and software, and purchasing of consumable materials and supplies within the Aggie Innovation.